No matter how they try to describe to you and talk about its beauty and its charming natural artistic paintings and its beautiful atmosphere and warm sun and clear skies, along with its rare fishes and beautiful coral reefs and natural reserves and about the fortunes of its deserts where its mountains and Bedouins who hunt and graze livestock and camels, all that when you hear something about it And when you see something else when you visit it, you will see the manifestations of the creator and his creativity in his creation, because of its creativity and charm, which any word cannot describe as Marsa Alam, which is an Egyptian tourist city affiliated to the Red Sea Governorate and is considered one of the newly emerging cities, so it started its development in 1995 through Kuwaiti investments as it adopted the construction of the city and its facilities, and Marsa Alam has become one of the most parts of Egypt that attracts and enchants everyone who visits it. The city occupies an area of ​​38,433 square kilometers and is located 274 km south of Hurghada and about 134 km south of Quseir and its height from the sea reaches 60 meters, inhabited by About 11497 people, most of whom are from the tribes of Al-Ubaydah and Al-Basharyah, followed by three villages: Bernice, Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly, and Abu Ghusun.

Its clear and temperate climate made it a wonderful and suitable place for vacationing, as temperatures in winter reach 31 degrees Celsius and in the summer ranges between 20 to 35 degrees Celsius, where Marsa Alam is one of the most beautiful diving areas in Egypt and the world and a favorite destination for safari lovers with a unique group of islands Including Al-Rerjd Island, in addition to a group of very distinct valleys and mountains and a number of ancient mines that were excavated in the past in search of gold, including “Port Ghalib” the most dreamy and vital tourist area, which is a distinguished tourist resort occupying an area of ​​8 million meters and was established with investments exceeding $ 1.2 billion And who Known for its beauty, unique design, diversity of places and leisure activities, the resort’s fame has reached the whole world where its visitors can take snorkeling trips, and the “Samada Reserve” is a special protection area and is one of the most beautiful and rare areas of the Red Sea, and is considered the largest private reserve for dolphins in the world and has more than 200 Dolphin In a rare marine reserve and it has a special area for dolphins, it is prohibited to approach it and it is called a dolphin house, another for diving and a third for mooring, and some marine sports that attract Marsa Alam for surfing and sailing boats, and the city has special centers in diving and hunting where the reefs abound. Reef, soft sand and clean blue water over large areas, as well as a moderate temperature throughout the year.

“Abu Al-Hasan Al-Basri Shrine” is a special shrine mosque for Sheikh Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly, owner of the Shafi’i Sufi method. The area of ​​the mosques reaches 4 thousand meters, and it is located in the Jabal Hamitra area, where a place passed away and a large number of tourists around the world who belong to the Shazly Sufi roads, and Wadi Al-Jamal Reserve “Which is located on an area of ​​7450 km, where the wild part extends for a distance of 4770 km, and the sea extends an area of ​​2000 km. Thus, it covers 60 km from the coast of the Red Sea and at the beginning of the reserve there is a source of fresh water mixed with sea water, where it forms a swamp with low salinity and the reserve is divided into several areas, including the Valley of Beauty which is the second The largest pool of i The falcon of the sunset, and the “area of ​​Hankarob” where it is characterized by its beautiful beaches and rare coral reefs and Al-Qalaan area, where it is characterized by the presence of vast areas of mangroves and a number of diverse and migratory birds, the region of Hamata, which provides places for diving.

As for safari, many safari trips can be carried out from Marsa Alam to the south, especially “Hamata” and “Elba” where mangroves, coral reefs, marine weeds, dozens of rare animals and plants, unique marine birds, and are reached through camels and sand motorcycles, spending time and nights in the desert. In tents amid a folkloric atmosphere with the Bedouins, and “Sheikh Malik Valley” where tourists can enjoy in the heart of the desert the environmental nature such as acacia and acacia, where the tourists live Bedouin customs and share the Bedouins in their food and besides enjoying camel rides or motorcycles in For a very interesting Bedouin, before they climb to the mountain to see the view of the sunset from above, this is in addition to the evening parties that take place with oriental dances in the desert atmosphere in joy and pleasure, so welcome in the calm atmosphere and the moderate climate amid the charming nature and the various recreational activities that make you live in another world away from Any pressure and tension so live the opportunity to relax and relax only in the paradise of the Red Sea Marsa Alam.